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Looking back, everything seemed so infinite,
though I had no understanding of the word.
It was me – yes, I had family that cared, friends that would make fun;
but in that one moment, it was just me.

Running wild, monsters roaming free:
“I’ve got to run! Run or they’ll catch me!”
Racing down paths and through fields,
branches bouncing back, scraping knees as I go;
swords looking for a fight,
but there’s one thing I don’t see.

Pain overflows my curiosity.
“Soldier down! Help, I need back-up!”
Blood flowing – rocket red.
“I’m dying! They’ve finally caught me!”
I cry – puddles, rivers, seas –
yelping for help. They came.

“It’ll be alright! You’ll be fine, my little princess!”

Okay for them to say;
they weren’t the ones that fell today.
Soft plasters, caring hands.
Me – young and fragile,
now with a black hole in my knee.
“It’s only a scratch!”

Now the bruises and pain lie within.
I fall, I cry, I bleed inside.
It’s no longer a scratch;
it’s the memories of the words they said.
Those guardians still look out for me,
though my suffering isn’t freely seen.
A plaster, some reassurance and a smile won’t help me now,
as I still have demons chasing after me.