1. Illustration for Journeys by Orla McGovern

They loom
in and out of sight
with eerie speed,
like ghosts
of places left behind.

Pale and colourless
against the dark,
silhouettes of light
flashing out of view
as soon as seen.

They are paper cut-outs,
limiting the world
to an ever-changing,
sphere of depthless shape.

About the Author

Orla McGovern

Orla McGovern is 17 and attends Presentation Seconday School in Loughboy. She enjoys reading fantasy in particular but will dip into other genres as well. She also enjoys video games, but books are her main interest. Orla has had work previously published in Words to Tie to Bricks, which was part of the writing course in CTY Ireland 2013. She mostly writes poetry but has also been known to write a bit of prose here and there. She has twice appeared in Rhyme Rag.