The Dark

  1. Illustration for The Dark done by Alé Mercado

“I can’t face it,” you say.
I stand quiet, don’t want to wound you
when you’re already bleeding.

But your words are shards,
the barbed wire I’m clinging to
to keep from going under.
Because this pain, this sadness,
it’s so much better than the dark:
the eternal abyss where no light reaches.

So yes. You can’t take it.
But neither can I.
I’m happy here,
but those words bring out the darkness,
streaming out doors and bubbling up beneath my feet.

I will change that.
I’m going to build this world better.
So you can bear it,
so I can take it,
so we can love it.
I’ll make it so we won’t fear the dark;
because we’ll know,
it’s there to help us savour the dawn.

About the Author

Aoife Hughes

Aoife Hughes is a seventeen-year-old student who attends Presentation Secondary, Loughboy. She is an avid reader and prolific writer, although most of her stories lounge under the bed gathering dust. Aoife’s poetry has made two appearances in Rhyme Rag, and one of her stories has been broadcast on KCLR as a winning entry in the Wordplay short story competition. She dreams of pursuing a career as a writer in the future.