Dimmest Glows

  1. Dimmest Glow. Illustration by Alé Mercado

Never constant, ever changing:
there is no east, west, north, or south,
only the abyss’s gaping mouth
vast beyond eternity.

The infinite cycle of death, decay and destruction,
all to bring about the new:
the small, tiny, miniscule and insignificant;
the large, huge, monstrous and colossal.

All lie side by side in the web of gravity;
all born of gas and dust.
All to return to uniformity;
brightest lights fade
to dimmest glows.

About the Author

Jack Larkin

Jack Larkin is 17 and attend St. Kieran’s College, Kilkenny. He writes mainly science fiction short stories, as an accompaniment to his interest in physics, chemistry and mathematics.