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It all began when Remus wiped out Romulus;
that’s when the city of Reme came to be.

It was a State of fair Democracy
that was the envy of other regions;

through their diplomatic ties they formed a Union.
It spread from Palestine to Belgium.

A man called Cesar spurred revolution.
He was jailed for five years and vaporized from history,

A boy was born in Nazareth;
he was a carpenter, that’s it.

There was no reason for malcontent;
The Union stayed strong and electricity was born.

Technology excelled at an unconstrained rate;
new lands were discovered thanks to steam ships,

and the natives were treated with a lot of respect.
After all, Remus declared “everyone is equal“.

Cities grew taller and people lived longer.
Strangely there was no Art or Literature.

History was a dull subject,
nothing but treaties and boring trade agreements.

The people themselves were rather uninteresting;
they worked for the Union and slept for six hours.

One thousand years after the formation of Reme,
a man was put onto the moon,

Another hundred and aliens were found.
By then there were very few people who cared.

All the questions were answered, Religion was dead,

Deep in the ground were the bones of Rome,
the eternal question of what could have been.