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Áine was a girl aged nine,
who made a mess from time to time;
but on this one particular day
she became much too curious … with a price to pay.

Her mother was leaving for the shops:
“Don’t open the door or your magic stops!”
But as Áine’s mother decides to leave,
little Áine has some tricks up her sleeve.

She quickly entered her mother’s room;
and as her mother’s a witch, she took the broom.
She reached for a potion on top of the shelf,
and knocked all the others over herself .

“Oh no!” screamed Áine, “Mother will kill me!”
So she ran downstairs to make some tea.
Then she spotted a rather suspicious egg,
as wide as a table, as high as a leg.

She inspected the egg from top to bottom,
then threw it in the mighty cauldron.
It bubbled and bubbled, steam rising high;
suddenly it cracked … and out popped an eye!

At this stage she backed away very slow,
And out came a dragon with a mighty blow;
he scalded the child from head to toe.

Suddenly Áine started to change:
with her eyes growing narrow, she felt rather strange;
all of a sudden she sprouted scales,
and her ears curled in, her face got impaled.

She grew a snout from the end of her nose;
and claws popped out in place of her toes.
Her teeth all popped out, replaced by fangs;
inside her heart she felt a series of bangs!

Now she put her hands, shakily, to her face,
And realised her head had completely changed.
All of a sudden, her hands felt manged.

She grew claws from her fingertips;
The pain was immense, unbearable.
Her legs then grew, unstoppable!
She grew muscular, with a very large tail,
and grew spikes from her spine with a searing wail.

She tried to scream, but instead spat fire;
she grew out of the house as tall as a spire.
The house was in flames, and she felt the stings;
all of a sudden she grew forty-foot wings!

Then the two dragons flew away,
never ever to be seen on any day.