Tarmac Towns

  1. Tarmac Towns illustration by Alé Mercado

The walls of home won’t let me stay,
the children of men will come out to play;
but there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide,
so the only escape is to stay inside.

To deny us the right to our Tarmac Towns,
These pint-sized sadists make us feel like clowns;
yet I won’t give in to this hate anymore,
I won’t let them terrify me as I walk out my door.

Mother won’t listen; Father won’t care,
most of the family won’t even stare
at these cuts and bruises; but forget sticks and stones,
punches and kicks are what break my bones.

About the Author

Cathal Eustace

My name is Cathal Eustace, I'm currently in third year in CBS Kilkenny, I enjoy knitting, playing guitar, Macklemore, Contemporary jazz and sounding pretentious. In my spare time I like to; Go running, Pretend I'm studying, and eat keoghs chicken rolls.