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Illustration for Being Young and Free by Alé Mercado

I am good at what I do and do best
I am dumb but I want to be smart
I am like a bear hunting for my honey
I am a person learning the secrets of life
I am a person who lives for one thing and that is to be loved

Be better at what people expect from me
Be able to understand what I don’t know
To learn more things and discover the value of life

This is where I sleep above the stars
This is where I rest when I want peace
This is where I fall but I get up cause I never give up
This is where I have friends to support
Being young and free

I was young I was free
Freedom was something I thought I would have forever
But it turned out to be a fiction I imagined in my head
While I was young I slept above the stars and saw them shine
Listened to lots of songs to my heart’s content
But this is all gone now I am 12, I have responsibility
My head has become a cage
Now I sleep beneath the stars
And can only reach them in my dreams