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Illustration by Alé Mercado for Net Traffick

Brake light bites 
Traffic stops information diverted  
Started 31 years ago 
Now we truly hit it 
People found the warning a bore 
G-man 100 miles away 
Checkin what I say 
It’s twisted 
Nothing private 
Paper and pen 
More secure 
32-bit encrypted 
Nothing on them 
Gaps in code 
They slip right through it 
Safety guaranteed  
Free thought denied 
Opinions now harassment 
Don’t think 
Could be offensive 
Now you put em 
On defensive 
Lawyer slit throat  
Landin on your front porch 
Job lost 
Wife left 
Kids gone  
Noose tied 
Society’s jugular sprayin guava 
Neck breakin,  
Grabbed by black helicopters 
Thought they 
Stopped by Snowden 
Warned us too soon 
We listened too late 
What Orwell predicted 
We followed through with 
We gave privacy a swift death 
Bated in  
Locked up 
Can’t stop 
What we allowed 
We voted 
They signed it 
They saw it  
We bought it  
Payed for  
Our privacy 
To be bought and sold 
Heartlessly killing nations 
Stay of execution 
That’s our solution 
Conviency over privacy 
Black wool cover your eyes 
Sleep deprived 
And it’s up in smoke  
But did you know 
It’s no joke  
One question 
If you have nothing to hide now? What happens when you do?