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Illustration by Alé Mercado for Footsteps
I walk down a dark and vacant street
I hear the sound of rustling leaves and my moving feet
Shadows creep along the concrete walls
The rhythm of my heart quickens as my chest rises and falls

The moon is hidden behind the backlit whisky clouds
Darkness is spelled across the alleyways and there isn’t a sound
A white misty fog leaves my lungs and I’m alone in my thoughts
Across my hazy vision I see blinding black dots

My pace quickens but I don’t know where I am going
The cold nips at my fingertips as it starts snowing
I run to the park where I used to go
I run to the top of the hill and my breath starts to slow

I feel a pair of eyes watching me
But if I look around, that person I can’t see
I’m trying to run away from a reality I can’t escape
That fear you drive into me I can’t explain I can’t enunciate

I run across the flower coated gardens
I say in my head to the flowers my sorry and pardons

You’re following me I can hear the faint footsteps

The water from the fountain spraying on the grass
The smell of wet greenery brings me back to my past
I used to have no worries no one to escape
But now death is my fate