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Illustration by Alem Mercado for Have A Moment

Have a moment,
Take one,
Swap whatever’s your dear
Whatever’s near,
Give it here and I’ll give you a moment

Feel it In your hands,
Grip it tight,
Don’t let it slip,
Use all your might to keep it,
Cuz it’ll soar away and away
what a sight.

I once had a moment ,
I shared it with a girl,
And in with a twirl intervened the world with a churn of my stomach, my fingers curled,
The moment was gone,
And silent we stood,
Seldom looking under the hood if I wanted to I could I should but this was a sinking ship,
A plane crashing to the ground,
Moments are precious,
don’t throw them around

I once had a moment ,
I kept it for myself,
I kept it at my throat and I gloat I let it not run I let it not slip I carry this moment down with every single boat and ship which doesn’t want to float but fall into the abyss,
it’s easier to not with all these heavy thoughts why not lie down and rot,
These moments, these moments Keep me flying they keep me from sinking and hurting and they keep me from dying

We shared a moment,
The moment felt good,
And after the moment I felt no blood on my hands, no splinters of wood digging into my palms
No longer silent I stand at hand as the psalms are read I’m living not un-dead and my weight starts to lighten as you carry it with me we’re enslaved by our burdens our moments make me free.