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It will make you fight to breathe
It will make you think the darkest things
It will visit you every day, taunting you
It will make you cry every last year until you are emotionless and empty
It will write your story where you can’t change the ending
It will smother you and try to kill you
It will make a blade look like a delicate flower
It will make you find the nearest ledge and walk off and not see your tomorrow
It will make you feel numb and trapped
Your thoughts will manifest and drown you
It will convince you that you deserve it
It will make you feel guilt and put sickness into the pit of your stomach
It will make each day harder until you no longer see the point and think it’s not worth living
It will make make you feel like a waste of space and a destructor of air
It will bring sleepless nights and sadness
It will bring nightmares that never cease
It will leave you broken

But let me tell you something

You are worthy of happiness and love
You are worthy
You deserve to be respected
You will not be silenced
You can cry out, someone will hear you
The thread weaving your mouth shut can disintegrate to nothingness
You have power to be stronger than what it makes you
You write the ending of your story
You are not your past
You are worthy
You are beautiful
You are perfect
You are not your own ending
You are your beginning