Bad News

  1. Ale Mercado illustration for Bad News poem

The legs weaken, frozen cold.
The body shivers, the coldness of that word.
The mind stops, frozen in time.
The heart races, against the cold wind of that word.
The eyes cry, facing the frozen air.
The word is as cold as winter.
The word is, death.

About the Author

Andi Emilian Iftime

I began my writing hobby around the age of 8. I used to play outside with my flame enchanted sword (a stick), fighting dragons and orcs (the air). After a while I took story books from the shelves at home and read some of them. So one day I wanted to place my stories onto pages and eventually dream of becoming a writer. Shortly after coming to Ireland, around the age of 14 I attended R3v3rse Poetry workshop in Kilkenny, thinking it will help with my short story writing even though it aimed at poetry. The workshop made me realise that writing poetry came easier to me than short stories. So I wrote a few poems and showed them to my English teacher which supported me and enjoyed my writings. And so began my passion for poetry.