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There are people, half way across the world.
They are scared.
They fear for their lives and their families’ lives.
They flee from their homes, in hope of a better life.
They make the hard journeys, the tough ones.
They cross oceans. Some won’t make it, some will.
They hide in trucks to cross borders.
Once they arrive at their destination, they wait.
Politicians won’t let them enter.
They kick them out.
We have the leader of one of the most powerful countries
and he wants them out.
We can’t let this happen,
the people of war torn countries are scared.
The people of war torn countries fear for their lives.
The people of war torn countries are tired, hungry, anxious and depressed.
And we won’t let them in. It’s not just America, it’s most of the world.
They think immigrants are the reason they have no jobs,
that they cause all their problems, that they’re here for just money,
that they don’t help society and worst of all, that they are all terrorists.
They’re just people who need help,
don’t feel safe, we can’t kick ’em out.