1. Ale Mercado illustration for poem Blessed by Amie Ndure

An escape world is one everyone seeks,
How lucky I am to have my own,
Five times a day with me and my lord.

The feeling of serenity that I feel
Is one that starts and finishes my day.
How I wish you could feel what I do,

From putting my head to the ground submitting to my lord,
To standing up feeling refreshed, I retain every minute of it.
The best feeling….

About the Author

Amie Ndure

I’m 15 years old. I was actually planning to write this poem about baking but this came out instead. I wrote this poem because I’m tired of having to prove that my religion is not one that invites terrorism rather one that rejects it. I’m tired of having to be held accountable for other people’s actions. I wanted to give people a glimpse of what my religion is really like and how I feel when I pray. As for writing, I never really gave it any thought until Stephen Murray gave us the workshop. I realized that I actually liked it and hope to continue it.