1. Ale Mercado illustration for Holly Fitzgerald poem Beauty

What is beauty?
Only words our mother says
To keep us happy
While she doesn’t see it herself

‘My thighs are too big’
‘Cheeks are too red’
She looks in the mirror
As we cry in our beds

Her hands hold mine
I look into her eyes
I tell her the truth
I can no longer lie

the word stings her
her hands shake
I tell her she is beautiful
Oh for christ sake

My words, my mind
My heart starts to spit
but who really cares
I’ve shovel through it

Words are words
and chic is cheap
For beauty is beauty
And we all are unique

I wish you could see that
My sister, my life
Depression is real
But you the light.

About the Author

Holly FitzGerald

I felt I needed to write this poem to help everyone be a honest with each other. We tend to hold back deep feelings about anyone (positive and/or negative) because they can be very raw feelings. When we talk about our feelings we really see everyone in a new perspective. I'm 16 years old and I am interested in art, fashion and poetry. When I was younger I wrote poetry a lot and sometimes read my poems out in class. As I got older I stopped writing poetry as I found it hard to keep up with school and my friends. Now that I'm in 4th year I have found time to write again but I just can't think about what to write. I've decided to start writing again as I felt I could learn a lot about myself and the others around me from my poetry. I also hope others can take something from my poem and learn something new for themselves.