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Let’s start at school, “the best years of your life”
Never once told about the efforts and strife
At this strange age where u can be fueled by rage

You begin to think it’s all bad
But don’t stress, do not get sad
For the years you concentrate on all that’s shite
You miss all the things that could go right
The hardships you find, the people you meet
You must keep in mind they’re not all of the one fleet
Eventually you’ll see the caring people
The ones who will walk you away from the steep hill
Don’t live only seeing what makes you worry
For then ur teenage years will be a nervous flurry
Just find a group to make memories
Then you’ll realize people can please
The days where it rains, when you think it won’t stop
They will walk with you until the very last drop
life can be rough but don’t feel the need to act all tough
In the end it’s a game of both bad times and fun
Just make sure you pay attention to the right one.

Note From Editor
I get lots of submissions about ‘teenage life’ and from time to time one stands out. I particularly liked the maturity this young poet brought to the theme, but I was impressed too by her consistency with rhythm and rhyme. Having a strong rhyme scheme isn’t always the right idea – you have to match the ‘form’ (what the poem looks like) with the ‘content’ (what it says). In this case, I thought the use of strong regular rhyme matched well with the almost anthemic tone of the piece. It feels almost like something a group could chant together! Well done, Hannah – keep it up!

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