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my insecurities wrap their tendrils
around my fragile head.

a wallowing shadow falls softly
while i lie awake in bed.

all my childhood memories
slowly fade away.

the game becomes the end game
the skies all turn to grey

we take the blame
for breaking hearts.

our gossip tops
the gossip charts

Note From Editor
I really enjoyed the tight little couplets (two line verses) that make up this poem, and I think using a form like this is pretty impressive at twelve years of age! I especially liked the musical rhythm of the final two couplets, which brought the piece to an energetic and surprising end. I thought the theme was one that would speak to many young people, and that, for an often-used theme, this poet found a way to bring a new perspective and a new ‘feel’ to her exploration, making us see it in a new light. This is one of the most important things that a poet can do.