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The animals are dying
the trees are falling down
one by one
humanity realises what we’ve done wrong
but the youth is still here
our voices are strong.
Remember what happened.
Let the memories come flooding back
soon we will all find out 
soon it will all come back
time to fear
for the world is silent
the big blue planet’s cold gaze –
see the blood stain on the floor
remember all the secrets you’ve kept
remember the way it happened
and how you stood there and wept.

Note From Editor
The theme of environmental catastrophe and climate change is an important one, and one where young people are leading the way in global activism. I think that this poem brings a passionate, personal viewpoint to something everyone is talking about, thereby making it new and helping us not to become desensitised. Creativity in activism is, in my view, one of the best ways to really engage and educate people, and I’m very glad this poet chose this theme. For other Irish poets looking at this theme, check out Grace Wells and Mark Roper.