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Why is there so much red?
Burning red lights, flickering above us
Endlessly, controlling us, stopping us
The red light from an old games console
Holding years of treasured memories
Made from nothing more than bits and bytes
That light now dim from years of being neglected in the corner
Or stuck up in the attic, until found, now worth so much more

Red is the colour of humankind also, right?
It’s in our blood, it symbolizes the most intense of human emotions
And the most conflicting ones

But when our light turns dim, and we are put in that same dark corner
And when, eventually, we are also stuck in a dark, dusty box
When our lights go out, are we also forgotten?
Lost to the passage of time?
I hope that someday, we might be found
For our little contribution to mankind
I would love that so much

I hope that long after we have passed
Our little red light
Shall be lit again

Note From Author
My name is Liam. I’m a poet and lyricist. I’m very extroverted and an overall happy and positive person; I write a lot about overcoming my days of loneliness and depression to become someone better. I love performing for audiences so slams are very attractive to me.
About the Poem:
I’ve always loved the philosophy and existential thought of ‘Identity’, why I am who I am, why I’m friends with the people I’m friends with, and most importantly, where am I going in life. I thought about that for a long time and I realized the only way to talk about life, was through the medium of death. And that’s where I got the idea for this poem.
Note From Editor
It’s obvious how much careful thought and consideration the author of this piece has put into its conception and crafting. The idea is a profound one, exploring the meaning of life and existential concerns, and the poet uses a very well-sustained metaphor of the ‘little red light’ throughout the poem to allow us to better grasp and think about the complex concepts he’s grappling with. Examining the huge ideas of meaning and permanence has always been one of the most important jobs of poets and artists, and I really admire how this young poet has presented these ideas so engagingly here.