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Equality vs Equity
Interaction Institute for Social Change | Artist: Angus Maguire.

Hi all!
Now is a good time to think and to write about equality, which I’ve discussed here before in the inspiration post about diversity.
What does equality mean to you? Is it enough to treat everyone equally, or do we need to think about giving specific help to people depending on how difficult it is for them to have the life they deserve? Is it fair to deprive others of what we have just because, for example, we happened to be born into one situation and they into another? How do we, as citizens of this world and as writers and truth-tellers, make sure that issues of inequality are highlighted and addressed, and – most importantly – that the voices of people suffering the effects of systemic inequality are heard and valued? What do you think about the idea that for oppressed voices to be heard, it may be necessary for those who have not been oppressed to stay quiet or to take a step back?

I’d like to hear especially from those of you who have felt silenced, for whatever reason. Let your voice ring out!

Now that Rhyme Rag is accepting submissions from ALL OVER IRELAND, I’d really like you to spread the word, to tell your friends, and most importantly to keep writing and submitting!

Image: Interaction Institute for Social Change | Artist: Angus Maguire.