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i met the devil
in your eyes
and he told me
i had a
beautiful mind
beautiful enough
to fill with lies
pretty enough to
with love and
running through
my veins, i
took each hit
and ignored
the pain.

i always feared i’d come
home to find your
body slumped against
the door,
to find white powder
and empty needles
littered across the floor.

to see blood come
seeping out of your
chest, to hear
those words “it’s
for the best.”

and today i looked in
the mirror i saw what i
had become, the devil
had finally won,
i looked out the window
to see there was no sun
and i finally
saw what you had done,
the bruises that littered
across my skin, scars
left by needle pins,
cigarette burns
and damaged lungs.


i cried, and cried,
and cried,
until there were
no more tears left
to cry, until
all i could do was
wish to die,
too scared to try
wishing you and
the devil in your
eyes goodbye,
a twisted lie, a
violent cry,
a final goodbye
from a beautifully
corrupted mind.

Note From Author
I like writing and I post my work on Wattpad. I’ve qualified for the Wattys a couple of times but haven’t entered. I like maths. I enjoying vlogging and painting.
Note From Editor
This poem has obviously been very carefully constructed and thought out. The poet has constructed a story which we are told in the voice of a speaker trapped within it. I like the scattering of rhyme throughout which feels musical and organic, and I really like the fact that the rhyme is generally based on the vowel sounds (assonantal rhyme) – a fairly unusual technique and one which adds to the incantatory musicality of the piece. It feels like the inevitability of the speaker’s situation is mirrored by the relentless repetition of these rhyming vowel sounds, which seem to come to a kind of crescendo in the final lines as they recur more and more frequently. This is a really effective piece.