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A culture of copies.
Mass produced.
Outliers forgotten
Or made an example
For others to see,
For them not to see.
For others to say
“Why can’t they
Just be
Like me.”
“Why can’t they
just be
Like me.”

About the Author
I like writing, mainly songs, and nearly anything to do with music.  I have not competed in
any competitions before. I wrote this because it seems like a lot of people feel they have to like the same things and act the same, and anything different to that is just wrong. The writing process wasn’t exactly complicated; we were told to write a poem and this was the first thing I thought of to write about.
Editor's Note
This poem really demonstrates how a very short piece can also be very powerful – check out the poems of William Carlos Williams for examples of this. I can see the poet’s musical abilities in the rhythms of the poem and in the chorus-like final repetition.