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We are reckless
prone to making mistakes.
We never learn.
We do not acknowledge our blunders.
We make others pay.
Social media paints a picture
some might say,
of the acceptable norm,
as long as there’s a recognisable name
to put before the perfect storm.
Anything else is alienated.
Our vulnerability is stigmatised
our hypocrisy immortalised.
We strive to be seen as normal,
to adhere to our programming,
but we end up destroying each other.
Unable to learn from our mistakes.
We are reckless.

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I have a strong interest in sport and I believe
everyone should participate in a sport in their
Editor's Note
This poem feels like spoken word poetry, and I can feel a great, powerful rhythm guiding the words. The poet makes sharp, insightful points about what life is like for young people today and the effects of social media and ideas about ‘normality’ on our evolving personalities. Brilliant half-rhymes like ‘norm’/’name’/’storm’ make this poem a pleasure to read and to read aloud, and the strong, punchy repetition of the word ‘reckless’ really frames the whole piece.