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Beautiful are the brown eyes belonging to you,

They’re so much better than my boring blue.

Deep and dark, mysterious and fun,
Like pools of honey, they sparkle in the sun.

Your eyes are perfect in every way,
I wish I could gaze into them every day.

I could get lost in them forever my dear,
So full of feeling; your sorrow, joy, love, and fear.

Their colour is spectacular, amazing to me.
You have the most perfect eyes anyone could see.

But they could be green, grey, or any hue,
What makes them most beautiful is they are a part of you.

Editor's Note
There’s a very Shakespearean feel to this well put-together piece – the carefully constructed rhyming couplets, the dedication to fine detail in the service of creating a portrait of a valued person, and the surprising turn or ‘volta’ in the final couplet where the whole focus of the piece – the colour of the person’s eyes – is overturned in the service of a more profound, unconditional regard. That’s a hard set of tasks to pull off, and I really think that the poet has achieved it – well done!