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Hello from Iceland!
If you’re tired of writing about all the difficulties humans are enduring around the world at the moment, it might be useful to work a bit with some contemplative, nature-inspired poetry. Being an activist and a truth-teller is hard, and it’s important to take care of yourself and to give yourself breaks from writing that exhausts you.
I’ve recently moved to Iceland – but never fear, I’ll still be selecting and publishing poems from all the amazing work that’s being submitted to Rhyme Rag! Iceland is a beautiful country where it’s impossible to forget that nature is everywhere and that we survive because of it. I find myself very inspired by the incredible, raw landscapes to a new way of thinking and writing. Here are a few examples – I hope they can be a source of inspiration for you too.
 …all that said, if you feel able to keep writing about this historically difficult time in our world, please do! Your young voices are far more important than you can imagine in these times.
Every good wish to you all,
Images: Photos taken by Kathy in Iceland