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Waiting, waiting, tic tic, frustrating!

Nothing updating, I continue waiting…
Waiting for approval and some receipt,
Of work unloaded and complete!
Slowly, slowly, I realise it’s time to stop waiting and start recreating.

About the Author

My name is Alex Molloy. I am nearly a sixth class boy. I am an only child. I live in the countryside in Tipperary, close to the borders of Clare and Limerick. I love spending time with my mom, my family, my friends and my cute dog Jessie. I love reading, I have read countless books, reviewed some of them and now am beginning to write short stories myself. I love poetry. I love reciting poetry. I also enjoy trying to analyse each poem to guess what the poet meant. I began writing poetry during the lockdown. It feels good to get my thoughts and feelings down on paper. I like Lego, art, camping, picnics, travelling, the beach, playing with my friends, cycling, hopscotch and many, many more things.

Editor's Note

It’s really great to see a poem like this, especially from such a young author. When I teach writing workshops in schools and with groups of young writers this is always something I hope to get across to them. It’s important not to follow paths set for you by others, but to wonder about your own passions and dreams, and work on following those. They may change over time, and that’s great too – you can always start new journeys!
Writing a concise poem which also contains a profound message is a special skill, one which William Carlos Williams was very good at – and one which the ancient masters of the Japanese haiku form dedicated their lives to. I particularly like the incantatory, hypnotic repetition in these lines, both of words and of vowel sounds (assonance). The break in this rhythmic repetition in the final line makes the unexpected message even more impactful. Well done!
Alex Molloy