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As I saunter around,
The sweet melody fills
My tired ears.
The trees dance, the
Branches inviting me.
The world is wide awake,
I am its captive audience.
I applaud as the Pas de Deux concludes.
I gaze upon putrescent yet enthralling flowers.
I am reminded of moonflowers.
I amble around, whilst
Observing the murky clouds
Which soon engulf what was
Once an azure sky.
Raindrops fall, each one
Heavier than the last.

Nothing lasts forever.


About the Author
I love to write, its something im most passionate about. I like doing anything creative and expressive. A few months back, my poem Take Your Breath Away was published by The Beckindale Poetry Journal. Take your breath away was the first poem i had ever written, or taken the time write.

Note on the poem
I wrote the poem over lockdown. I became quite bored so i decided to start going for walks, and really loved what i would observe every time I would go on another “adventure.” Because I was so caught up in my loud and crazy world, I never payed much attention to what was happening around me, and once I did, it was like a moment of realising how inexplicably beautiful the world is. Every time I would would start my walks, I was journeying off into the unknown.

Editor's Note
What strikes me most about this short, engaging poem is the vividness of the descriptive passages – they are so specific and detailed and sensory, and really bring the scene to life. The poet’s juxtaposition of images of flourishing life with surprising images of gloom, foreboding and even decay is very powerful and evocative, and the thoughtful, almost dreamlike voice of the speaker really adds to this feeling of strangeness and enchantedness – or cursedness. The whole piece brings the reader to a kind of questioning place of hyperawareness which I think is the job of poetry really.