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  • Ale Mercado illustration for Library poem by Cathal Eustace


    On the highest shelf in my bedroom There’s a book written about you, Its spine juts out between all the fiction It is the colour of your flesh, And along its spine, your name is printed beside mine In white ink The colour Of your teeth, I take it down before I go to sleep […]

  • Ale Mercado illustraiton for Not Just Ones and Zeroes poem by robin O'Hara

    Not Just Ones and Zeroes

    Do you know my biggest mystery? My tangled offset stressful Identity. At first I was a boy, manly and strong, Then came the realization, ****, I was wrong, I felt like a girl, feminine and proud, I made sure to shout it, Oh I was loud. Then came the blankness, the Hole deep inside – […]

  • Help the People illustration by Ale Mercado

    Help The People

    There are people, half way across the world. They are scared. They fear for their lives and their families’ lives. They flee from their homes, in hope of a better life. They make the hard journeys, the tough ones. They cross oceans. Some won’t make it, some will. They hide in trucks to cross borders. […]

  • Illustration by Ale Mercado for Have a Moment

    Have A Moment

    Have a moment, Take one, Swap whatever’s your dear Whatever’s near, Give it here and I’ll give you a moment Feel it In your hands, Grip it tight, Don’t let it slip, Use all your might to keep it, Cuz it’ll soar away and away what a sight. I once had a moment , I […]

  • Tarmac Towns illustration by Alé Mercado

    Tarmac Towns

    The walls of home won’t let me stay, the children of men will come out to play; but there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, so the only escape is to stay inside. To deny us the right to our Tarmac Towns, These pint-sized sadists make us feel like clowns; yet I won’t give […]