Coláiste Pobail Osraí

  • Ale Mercado illustration for Fade Away by Roisin Mullins


    my insecurities wrap their tendrils around my fragile head. a wallowing shadow falls softly while i lie awake in bed. all my childhood memories slowly fade away. the game becomes the end game the skies all turn to grey we take the blame for breaking hearts. our gossip tops the gossip charts

  • Ale Mercado illustration for You Told Me by Sofia Marsella

    You Told Me

    It all happened in that forbidden place that changed my life for good. You were standing there, beside the cabin made from rotting wood. You said the young become old and the old become young where the sweet songs of woodland birds came from your haunted lung. You said being different is beautiful and not […]

  • Ale Mercado illustration for Darkness by Faron Walsh


    The darkness comes the darkness goes It’s like a feeling that no one knows It’s a place where life ends It’s a place that twists and bends You never know what’s in front of you You never know what’s behind you When the light comes up you will have hope and then the only way […]

  • Ale Mercado illustration for The Greatest Fear poem by Nicholas Lesniak

    The Greatest Fear

    Pain and tears like falling rain Flood your cheeks then fall away Shadows drift like clouds of smoke Gone adrift then gone astray. Hunger, death and daily work thank god for flight, like a bird. Sadness like unkept gravestones but no one sees the skin and bones. Beautiful landscapes fade to all but blurs. The […]

  • Illustration by alé Mercado for Little Nothings Poem

    Little Nothings

    My favorite moments aren’t significant at all. It’s rolling over in the morning to see you lying there, trips to the grocery store, you lying on the floor with your head in my lap while we listen to music. I read my books and you play video games or surf the Internet and we don’t […]

  • illustration Insomniac by Anna Eileen Doyle


    When we return home, Wishing everyone their goodnights, Making sure the lights turn drab, Not letting the bedbugs bite, That’s when the feeling enters: I feel dizzy & clammy & weak. I lie there in silent rigidness; I need to scream & shake & shriek. No matter how tormented Or scared that I may be, […]

  • Illustration for The Fairies by Alice Spencer

    The Fairies

    They all see her: that girl, all dressed in black. They never talk to her; they’re too frightened she’ll attack. They know what she’s done, but, not why she has; they think she’s desperate for attention. They’re wrong. She never asks. They don’t know her dreams about the black parade. They don’t know how much […]

  • Wondering

    So she sat to think about these crazy things: like, why one goose, two geese; but not one moose, two meese? Mouse, mice; louse, lice; blouse, blice? Why do eggplants have no eggs? Nor hamburgers, ham? Neither pine nor apple in pineapple? How is a song a jam? Why writers write, but fingers don’t fing? […]