Change of Generation

Illustration by Ale Mercado for Change of Generation by Megan Randle


How did our best friends
turn into strangers?
These jellies turn to cigarettes
Memories into regrets
Promises into threats,
7up turns to gin
Needles to skin
Where did it all go wrong

About the Author

Megan Randle

Basically I've always loved writing poems in English, it was my favorite topic to do and I always liked to do my best. I like to write poems on everyday life, every day is a new day therefore there's always a new poem to write with a brand new story. I attend Presentation Kilkenny and have great respect for my English Teacher, she always drives me on to reach my potential, especially when I'm struggling. I have great interests in sport and music and like to write about them a lot, writing gives me a break from everyday life and helps me to relax. I also like to write poems to express myself, my inner thoughts, they're very personal and sentimental to me and that's why I love to write. I'm 17 in 5th year and can be very stressed so writing poems helps me escape from it.