Poems 2019

  • Alé Mercado illustration for Hospital poem by Liam Michael Cleere


    The dead live then And the living die The young are raised by cold machines Doctors wired to save lives By any method, by all means Wounds healed, disease destroyed Souls depart and enter the void They pray for results, they pray for a fix Life and death in a deadly mix

  • Ale Mercado illustration for Fade Away by Roisin Mullins


    my insecurities wrap their tendrils around my fragile head. a wallowing shadow falls softly while i lie awake in bed. all my childhood memories slowly fade away. the game becomes the end game the skies all turn to grey we take the blame for breaking hearts. our gossip tops the gossip charts

  • Ale Mercado illustration for You Told Me by Sofia Marsella

    You Told Me

    It all happened in that forbidden place that changed my life for good. You were standing there, beside the cabin made from rotting wood. You said the young become old and the old become young where the sweet songs of woodland birds came from your haunted lung. You said being different is beautiful and not […]

  • Ale Mercado illustration for Library poem by Cathal Eustace


    On the highest shelf in my bedroom There’s a book written about you, Its spine juts out between all the fiction It is the colour of your flesh, And along its spine, your name is printed beside mine In white ink The colour Of your teeth, I take it down before I go to sleep […]

  • Ale Mercado illustraiton for Not Just Ones and Zeroes poem by robin O'Hara

    Not Just Ones and Zeroes

    Do you know my biggest mystery? My tangled offset stressful Identity. At first I was a boy, manly and strong, Then came the realization, ****, I was wrong, I felt like a girl, feminine and proud, I made sure to shout it, Oh I was loud. Then came the blankness, the Hole deep inside – […]

  • Ale Mercado illustration for File Is by Elizabeth Maley

    Life Is

    My life is bleached hair and blue skirts Fake nails and concerts Happiness and outbursts Problematic downturns Raising concerns and taking turns Taking pics and stirring up storms Fitting in with the norms While wearing the school uniform Life is school and life is home but life is only what you make it.

  • Ale Mercado illustration for Darkness by Faron Walsh


    The darkness comes the darkness goes It’s like a feeling that no one knows It’s a place where life ends It’s a place that twists and bends You never know what’s in front of you You never know what’s behind you When the light comes up you will have hope and then the only way […]

  • Ale Mercado illustration for The Greatest Fear poem by Nicholas Lesniak

    The Greatest Fear

    Pain and tears like falling rain Flood your cheeks then fall away Shadows drift like clouds of smoke Gone adrift then gone astray. Hunger, death and daily work thank god for flight, like a bird. Sadness like unkept gravestones but no one sees the skin and bones. Beautiful landscapes fade to all but blurs. The […]

  • Ale Mercado illustration for homecoming by Maeve Moran


    It was steam between them no doubt, Indifferently waiting for a kettle to boil. She obviously liked her tea. He saw it in her smile From the other room – Lopsided and firm and Warmed in marmalade windows. She was the garden lady, One dog and a candle-lit bathroom. It’s the strangest thing, Chrysanthemum and […]

  • Ale Mercado illustration for Paradise by Zuzanna Charko


    On a warm summer morning As the sun began to rise I walked onto my balcony And looked around in surprise All the flowers I had planted All the animals around me Every strand of grass These things I can no longer see Instead there are tanks There are guns, there are knives There is […]

  • Ale Mercado image for "best of our lives" poem by Niamh Burke

    “best years of your life”

    Let’s start at school, “the best years of your life” Never once told about the efforts and strife At this strange age where u can be fueled by rage You begin to think it’s all bad But don’t stress, do not get sad For the years you concentrate on all that’s shite You miss all […]