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It was steam between them no doubt,

Indifferently waiting for a kettle to boil.

She obviously liked her tea.

He saw it in her smile

From the other room –

Lopsided and firm and

Warmed in marmalade windows.

She was the garden lady,

One dog and a candle-lit bathroom.

It’s the strangest thing,

Chrysanthemum and honeysuckle,

Stretching in the night.

Frame by frame,

Green and grey

And chamomile for the harder days.

He never placed that elusive scent of home,

Strongest in the matching plump armchairs.

It tasted, however, of three sugars

And a splash of skimmed milk.

Note From Editor
This is a really fantastic read! The author’s sophisticated, assured use of imagery and description brings the reader directly into the moment described, with all five senses engaged. The tone is comfortable, familiar and even playful, yet packed with all the complexity of a long relationship renewed. I was really impressed with this piece.