Poems 2018

  • Ale Mercado illustratrion for Daddy's Girl Poem by Arianna Doran

    Daddy’s Girl

    Sitting here Then and now Daddy’s Girl Sitting here 14 years old Daddy’s Girl Sitting here 19 years Daddy’s Girl Sitting here Watching you Daddy’s Girl Sitting here Remembering Daddy’s Girl Sitting here Crying as you Daddy’s Girl Sitting here Eyes dry Daddy’s Girl Sitting here Wishing you back Daddy’s Girl Sitting here Knowing you’re […]

  • Croker

    you are walking down old jones road hats scarfs and headbands you are marching behind the artane boys’ band you are climbing the steps of the hogan stand to lift the liam mccarthy you are playing for your county

  • Ale Mercado illustration for Cold Dead Trees poem by Luke dunne

    Cold Dead Trees

    From sliotars being hit around a wet, cold pitch, Until some fool hits it into the deep, dark ditch. Long hours doing homework in the lonely cold night, To the rapid retreat of the hard day light. Marooned in the claret and the white of Clara, In my sister’s high heels and me Mam’s mascara. […]

  • Ale Mercado illustration for Breath by Niamh Bambrick


    Isn’t it weird how you can be breathing one minute And not the next, How it can just stop? You never know when you last breath is going to be, It could happen any minute. How you use your last breath, that’s what’s weird. Do you use it to say goodbye? Do you use it […]

  • Ale Mercado illustration for An Irish Parish poem

    An Irish Parish

    It was a lazy Sunday. Getting up late was a seldom treat, The day living up to its name as my eyes squinted at opening the blind. I decided to go for a walk, looking for something to write. I heard the distant sound of a car so I automatically stepped off the road. An […]

  • Ale Mercado illustration for The Perfect Profile by Sinead Flynn

    The Perfect Profile

    Living through a screen. Comparing, judging Self-worth based on likes Your recent profile Insecurities, anxieties Slowly building Scrolling, scrolling Passing time Anonymous users Immature losers A world obsessed A world depressed Not knowing when To unplug, switch off Stuck In an endless sea of negativity. Stop Shutdown, cut down Put down. Don’t drown. Breathe. It’s […]

  • Help the People illustration by Ale Mercado

    Help The People

    There are people, half way across the world. They are scared. They fear for their lives and their families’ lives. They flee from their homes, in hope of a better life. They make the hard journeys, the tough ones. They cross oceans. Some won’t make it, some will. They hide in trucks to cross borders. […]

  • Illustration for home by Ale Mercado


    Blocks of flats on the Ballymun road, My brain’s gone into bleedin’ overload. Ma’s on the couch and i just can’t see How the hell she came up with me. Walking down the street Where the greenmen meet, Couldn’t see it then They were so discreet. Ma’ grabbed my by the arm, No she didn’t […]