1. Ale Mercado illustration for Metamorphosis poem

To my sister, age 7
Still learning, discovering
Innocent and young
Wanting so much to grow up but
Little do you know
That growing up isn’t all that great
Growing up means disappointment
Growing up means midnight tears
Deafening daylight laughter
Screaming mirrors
Growing up means pressure and loneliness
But growing up isn’t all that bad
Though it’s a painful metamorphosis
Growing up means having your voice heard
Growing up means independence
It means late night chats
And friendships that last a lifetime
To my sister, age 7
Good luck

About the Author

Emilia Lizak

My favourite books are: The book thief and the Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children trilogy. I like to watch TV series (Supernatural is my favourite). My favourite poet is Erin Hansen.