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Go wild, are you serious? Is that even realistic?
Wild animals in the streets growling and getting sadistic,
Teenagers at the beach are slowly getting animalistic,
Sneezing today causes reaction that are just ridiculous,

Kids in groups of ten descending down town like locusts
No nation’s negligence nowadays ever goes unnoticed,
Murder replacing arrest, the inhumane injustice incited protests,
RIP the life of Floyd forever undefeated in the mild malevolent May weather,

Hurtful handshakes only months ago seemed light as a feather,
Rules being broken ending family ties and tethers,
Going wild at those who you lived with but saw nearly never,
I hope this can raise questions about what we can do better,

Online buying, parcels flying, foreign fashion, losing money, cash still splashing,
But more than sickness the thing that should grow in this time, is compassion.

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I like running and curry. Playing Piano. Speaking Irish. Walking Ziggy my dog

Editor's Note

This poem frankly blew me away – such amazing use of rhythm, rhyme and alliteration, and such a heavy weight of difficult topics gathered together to powerfully and succinctly. I am so glad that young people are using their voices to talk about the injustices that are still claiming lives in our societies, and speaking out against them. And in these difficult, isolating, divisive times, to hear a young voice calling for compassion really gives me pause. I know I keep saying this, but we really need to start listening to and prioritising the voices of young people. I’m very glad to be able to do this in some small way, and I hope that this writer continues to use their voice and to get their work out there so others can hear it.