1. Ale Mercado image for Kind Poem by shalom Oyenuga

I’ve found it.

The soothing balm to burning hate,
A method free from crude debate,
The key to peace we can create,
It’s Kindness.

I need it.

When I’m confronted by these strangers’ faces,
Shrinking, feeling out of place,
A smile would slow my heart’s fast pace,
Just Kindness.

I feel it.

When I’m surrounded by the ones I love,
And confidence I’m empty of,
They reassure that I’m enough,
Their Kindness.

I show it.

The friendly wave that I can give,
And find the hard strength to forgive,
The only way that I can live,
With Kindness.

About the Author

Shalom Oyenuga

I'm currently in fourth year in Loreto Kilkenny and I've always had a passion for anything creative, whether that's writing or art. I wrote the poem about kindness in particular because I think that it's considered more of a basic trait nowadays, whereas I think that although it seems like a simple solution, it has the ability to solve a lot of our problems. I submitted it on the website because I think the message of the poem is important, and I'd hope that it might resonate with someone who reads it.