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My Nan lived here
before she died
among the white stones
scattered in patterns
across the wall
a wooden cross
and holy water
unbearable cold
the smells of fruit cake
freshly baked bread
sweet tea in stained mugs
and butterscotch hearts
border collies keeping
silent watch
and childhood
in her arms

Note From Author
I enjoy fishing, hunting and walking my dog.
Note From Editor
This is a very sophisticated little poem which leaves a lasting impression on the reader. The poet’s use of simple, unadorned sensory details is particularly effective – we can see the stones and the stained mugs, feel the cold, smell the cake and the freshly baked bread…these combine to really immerse us in the world of the poem, which is a fantastic achievement for a young poet. The final lines are absolutely beautiful, and echo into the silence it leaves behind. The poem reminds me of Michael Hartnett’s ‘Death of an Irishwoman.’