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Elegant ribbons,
Swishing in the breeze,
A variety of colours,
Connected to our sleeves.

The ribbons slowly combine, contract and intertwine,
Connecting to the strings
That decide the divine.

The ribbons coil around
Our arms, legs, neck and waist,
Ensuring we don’t
Defy our fates.

About the Author
My name is Heidi. I enjoy writing and drawing in my spare time. I like to write about things that are not so easily understood, As I feel they aren’t covered enough in writing.
I wrote this poem because I was thinking about fate, and higher beings. It fascinates me, because I feel that everyone has their own opinion on the topic. Some believe you can create your own path, others believe that what you have done, are doing, and will do, have all been decided before you were born. It is something that will always make people think, and I love that about this topic. There is no clear answer. That is the idea behind this poem.
Editor's Note
I think that this poem demonstrates very well how to sustain one clear, vivid metaphor throughout a piece. I particularly love the way the image develops and darkens as the poem evolves, beginning with seemingly harmless and beautiful ribbons which subtly become more and more constricting in the second and third stanzas, leading to the stark final line. This is so skillfully done, and creates a real sense of foreboding in the reader. The metaphor of the ribbons says so much more about the subject matter than simply stating it would have, which is exactly why metaphors are so valuable and useful to poets.