• The Spider

    It had been a month since the last spider sat on my wall; smug and dark, casting a quivering shadow against the white. You appeared so suddenly, and when I least expected it; I didn’t fear you or want to kill you – your presence just irritated me. I left you sitting there for hours, […]

  • Sooth-Said

    He tells himself a story: “I am great. I am wise.” There will be truth in that story. What though, it’s only lies. He listens to his story: “You are great. You are wise.” And he believes his telling. What though, it’s only lies. He walks his way through living: Thinking “great”, thinking “wise”; Taking […]

  • Clock

    Time has no worries 
Time has no end 
Time doesn’t forget 

Time is everywhere 
Time is split in two 
Time is needed to start the day and end it 
Time is nothing if you don’t use it 
 Time is everything to someone who needs it 

Time dictates your life

  • My Teacher Lost My Poem

    My Teacher Lost My Poem, like a piece of Styrofoam. We gave them all up, full of luck; and now they’ll never come home. Bright ideas that struck, all the poems he took. With the words from the mouth, all came out; him losing them was a stroke of bad luck. We forget something: he […]

  • Dimmest Glow. Illustration by Alé Mercado

    Dimmest Glows

    Never constant, ever changing: there is no east, west, north, or south, only the abyss’s gaping mouth vast beyond eternity. The infinite cycle of death, decay and destruction, all to bring about the new: the small, tiny, miniscule and insignificant; the large, huge, monstrous and colossal. All lie side by side in the web of […]

  • Semicolon

    Sometimes you’re worried, confused. Finger on the trigger, slipping. Sweat dripping and time slows down. Blood dripping every moment you move. The end of you. A heart with worry and confusion needs time. When you end the confusion you’re finished. When you end the worry you move on.

  • The Ghost of Rome

    It all began when Remus wiped out Romulus; that’s when the city of Reme came to be. It was a State of fair Democracy that was the envy of other regions; through their diplomatic ties they formed a Union. It spread from Palestine to Belgium. A man called Cesar spurred revolution. He was jailed for […]

  • The Hunter

    It looked at me in surprise, that fox I met that afternoon. We both stopped dead in our tracks. I stared at the intelligent brown eyes, the fluffy auburn tail. And the smooth, bright pelt of red-gold fur. And coming into contact, with a creature such as I, it was no wonder that it fled, […]

  • illustration for Drown made by Alé Mercado


    Float gently above; relish in your paradise. Prepare for the storm. Fall down from the sky to the depths of a lost sea. Lonely, afraid: drown. Lost inside your thoughts, delve deeper into darkness. Or swim to the shore.

  • Illustration for The Dark done by Alé Mercado

    The Dark

    “I can’t face it,” you say. I stand quiet, don’t want to wound you when you’re already bleeding. But your words are shards, the barbed wire I’m clinging to to keep from going under. Because this pain, this sadness, it’s so much better than the dark: the eternal abyss where no light reaches. So yes. […]

  • Illustration for Mr. Crestfallen by Alé Mercado

    Mr. Crestfallen

    He shuffled along the pavement like dead leaves in the wind, always carrying a third support. Mr. Crestfallen’s sombre eyes drooped into heavy bags, almost reaching the network of spider veins crawling, multiplying as freely through his sickly pale jowls as the cells in his lungs. His spine arched; leathered back beginning to recover from […]

  • Illustration for Journeys by Orla McGovern


    They loom in and out of sight with eerie speed, like ghosts of places left behind. Pale and colourless against the dark, silhouettes of light flashing out of view as soon as seen. They are paper cut-outs, limiting the world to an ever-changing, never-changing sphere of depthless shape.