• Ale Mercado illustration for That Single question poem

    That Single Question

    For who knows how many years, People have been pondering, Asking themselves that single question, What is the purpose of my life? From when I was a small child, I always knew what I wanted to do, I was going to be an artist, and share my art with the world. Never once did I […]

  • Ale Mercado illustration for Bad News poem

    Bad News

    The legs weaken, frozen cold. The body shivers, the coldness of that word. The mind stops, frozen in time. The heart races, against the cold wind of that word. The eyes cry, facing the frozen air. The word is as cold as winter. The word is, death.

  • Ale Mercado illustration for Today poem


    Yesterday cannot hide; its shapes scrutinised, hues criticised, scoffed and treasured equally – a Renaissance masterpiece! Separately, barely distinguishable from the countless, the many. Harshly real, an eerie image or chance to feel. Brushstrokes of memories, completing a masterpiece. The honest framed in Yesterday. Tomorrow is an abstract. Illegible, but open and unending. Uncertainty, unease, […]

  • Ale Mercado illustration for A Foggy Future

    A Foggy Future

    At first, I had it all figured out. My future, that is. I knew what courses I wanted to do; What colleges to attend. But now, I’m not so sure. My once bright and clear future Has become shrouded in fog, With no clear path of where to go. I’ve been told by many people […]

  • Illustration by Alé Mercado for poem Bullying


    It will make you fight to breathe It will make you think the darkest things It will visit you every day, taunting you It will make you cry every last year until you are emotionless and empty It will write your story where you can’t change the ending It will smother you and try to […]

  • Illustration by ale Mercado for Decide Me Poem

    Decide Me

    Why is my future dependent on political somebodies who say they’ll do this or that for me? I see thousands of people supporting hate they say kill them, deny them that, and rate the value of a person’s life on their money and white supremacy. I see a country following Trump and Cruz and I […]

  • Illustration by Ale Mercado for Footsteps


    I walk down a dark and vacant street I hear the sound of rustling leaves and my moving feet Shadows creep along the concrete walls The rhythm of my heart quickens as my chest rises and falls The moon is hidden behind the backlit whisky clouds Darkness is spelled across the alleyways and there isn’t […]

  • Illustration by Ale Mercado for Have a Moment

    Have A Moment

    Have a moment, Take one, Swap whatever’s your dear Whatever’s near, Give it here and I’ll give you a moment Feel it In your hands, Grip it tight, Don’t let it slip, Use all your might to keep it, Cuz it’ll soar away and away what a sight. I once had a moment , I […]

  • Illustration by Ale Mercado for Gay


    I’m Gay, get over it, Your words won’t hurt me no longer. You can’t change the way I am, I’m just me! If you don’t like me, tough, That’s really not my problem! I can’t help being me! In fact, I’m proud. I’m proud of myself – All those months ago, When I came out […]

  • Illustration by alé Mercado for Little Nothings Poem

    Little Nothings

    My favorite moments aren’t significant at all. It’s rolling over in the morning to see you lying there, trips to the grocery store, you lying on the floor with your head in my lap while we listen to music. I read my books and you play video games or surf the Internet and we don’t […]